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Crown Yourself

Oct 27, 2019

Today I'm interviewing Jenny Miller of The Soul Path Podcast. We are discussing how to continually evolve with grace, how to dynamically serve the collective, her recent spiritual journey to Tibet, how to heal after a breakup, trusting our intuition versus the mind, starting a podcast and more!

Show Notes:

Oct 20, 2019

Today's episode is all about making fast decisions so you can keep moving! The best leaders are the quickest and most accurate decision makers. It is an intuitive process and if insecurity is slowing you down from making a choice, dig into that. Life wants to move through you and all you have to do is direct the energy....

Oct 13, 2019

Today I'm sharing the biggest thing I worked on with all my PR clients: branding yourself as what you want to be. The press and the people in your life will only say and believe things about you that you say and believe about yourself. Participation is mandatory because even if you don't consciously work your...

Oct 8, 2019

In today's episode, I'm interviewing Simran Daya, founder of Kundalini Classics. We talk about Kundalini yoga, turban technology managing employees, becoming a spiritual practitioner, and how to create products that people love.


Show Notes: